Enrollment is now closed until 2022.

Not only will you learn standard evidence based CBE content taught in traditional classes you'll also teach our fascinating sport psychology and mindset module that effectively engages birth partners. You'll also provide parents with a basic foundation in brain science, mindful meditation, and hypnobirthing.

Combine all of this while also supporting birth partners to develop their facilitation skills, and hands on comfort measures so they can confidently provide meaningful birth support to their partner.

On enrollment you will be assigned to 4 additional courses as part of your certification:

  • Mindfulness for Birth Professionals
  • Hypnosis for Birth
  • The Workshop Experience
  • GentleBirth Business Training


Are there any additional costs to complete my certification?

No - the fees include all of your training and certification process.

How long do I have to complete my certification.

As of Jan 1 2020 learners have 6 months to complete the full certification.

Once I have completed my certification will I still have access to the training materials?

After certification new Educators have 3 months access to all areas of their training to review the content.

Who sets the prices for classes?

Our Educators set their own pricing. We recommend offering classes in a similar price range to other specialist prenatal classes such as Hypnobirthing/Hypnobabies.

I have a young family and can't commit to teaching weekday evenings - what other options are available to me?

One of the many advantages to teaching GentleBirth is it’s flexibility for Educators. Over the years I’ve taught both 5 week classes and my weekend workshops with no difference in birth outcomes. Parents who preferred an intensive weekend workshop were able to find a structure that worked for their lifestyle and those who wanted weekly classes had other options. As you'll find - the work the parents do after the class is just as important as the class itself. We want you to be successful and we know how difficult it can be to find balance between family/birth work. Most of our Instructors teach the weekend workshop or 1 day blended learning option. Weekly classes are always an option if that suits you and your client.

Can I teach private classes instead of groups?

Yes. Many of our Educators start out teaching private classes and grow their classes as their confidence grows.

Are there any additional certification renewal fees?

Currently there are no renewal fees for 2020. GentleBirth reserves the right to revisit recertification fees/process in 2021.

Do I have to design my own materials to deliver my classes?

No - we want our Educators to hit the ground running and focus on delivering quality classes instead of worrying about designing PowerPoint slides. GentleBirth provides Educators with a professionally designed, inclusive Prezi presentation with videos embedded.

After I certify do I have to create my own marketing materials?

You can but the GentleBirth team has already created a selection of posters, postcards and brochures that you have immediate access to upon certification.

I have more questions who can I speak to?

Great! You can email [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.